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LP Education is a real estate consulting company that specializes in Lease Option and Wholesaling. Their clients include individuals, groups, and small businesses that have a desire to learn about real estate transactions, alternatives to renting, and methods to embrace change in their lives.

The company provides seminars in three main areas:

  • lease options
  • wholesaling
  • perspective change management

They also provide individual consulting to entrepreneurs interested in personal customization of any of the three seminar topics.

The professional life of the founder, Thomas D. Brewer, Ph.D. once revolved around nanoparticles, photocatalysis and other scientific entities and processes that most people can't even pronounce. Today, as a real estate investor, speaker, and consultant with LP Education, he is helping people from all walks of life fulfill their financial destinies and improve their health using down-to-earth tools everyone can understand. Dr. Brewer's educational background includes a unique combination of science and business skills that allow him to explain the complex forces in everyone's life in a simple manner. Please browse the entire website, and don't forget to read the 'Articles of Interest,' which are updated monthly. You can also register for Dr. Brewer's free newsletter, which is full of interesting and timely economic trends that relate to real estate all over the country.

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